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lgc productions - a graphics journal

icons - 304
colorbars - 1
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A list of the celebrities used in my graphics, and which posts to find them in is here.

This community is no longer members only, but I'd appreciate all the members possible. Comment if taking anything, and credit lgcproductions. Feedback & nominations are appreciated. If you do nominate me, please comment and let me know so I can thank you properly. ;) Do not alter anything. Textless are not bases. Everything you see here was created by LeAnna (aka lgcmusic).

What I Make: LJ/Greatest Journal Icons (for those sites ONLY), headers, color bars/fan banners, id cards and friends only signs. I do take requests, although, I will not fulfill orders for layouts nor will I help you code. I will specificly post when I'm taking requests, and will specify a limit -- so it will be first come first serve. From time to time I will offer bases, textures and gradients for your own use.

From Round 7 @ pickmybet:

(#1 can be found here, #2 can be found here, #3 can be found here)

From Round 6 @ pickmybest:

(#1 can be found here, and #2 & #3 can be found here)

From Round 4 @ pickmybest:

(all three of these icons can be found here)

I take requests, especially for:
Supernatural, Jared Padalecki, 80s music, american idol 5 (but not kellie pickler), most broadway (esp Rent, PotO, Wicked and Avenue Q), beyonce/destiny's child, mariah carey, gwen stefani, christina aguilera, black eyed peas, snl stuff (esp jimmy fallon/tina fey), chris trousdale, harry potter, justin timberlake, keira knightley, jennifer garner, soluna (and its former members), johnny depp,
orlando bloom, pirates of the caribbean, music, shia labeouf, simple life, starbucks, that 70s show...but try me and I'll let you know.

Absolutely no Kellie Pickler, Jesse McCartney, Britney Spears, Lindsey Lohan or Ashlee Simpson. Period. With absolutely no exceptions.

Loved Resources: